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Hudson's Elite Detail

Hudson’s Elite Auto Detail offers different levels of auto detailing ranging from moderate to complete vehicle details. Using hands-on intricate detailing methods our team of professionals will make your vehicle look, feel, and smell like new! We can achieve the best results using the best materials, products, and techniques while treating your car with the utmost care. Auto detailing services are available Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. We can also perform custom details based on the condition of your vehicle. Please contact us for a quote.

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Bronze Detail

Price: $39.95 +HST

• Complete hand wash exterior

• Wipe dash, panels, and interior vinyl
• Vacuum interior and trunk area (if clear of items and easy to do)
• Wash rubber mats (if applicable)
• Clean interior windshield and all interior windows


Silver Detail

Price: $79.95 +HST
(car, truck, SUV)

♦♦♦ Includes everything in our bronze detail, plus:

• Clean tires, wheel wells, rims, bumpers and moldings (scrub and brush)
• Multi purpose spray for bug removal, wash all paint surfaces (soap down, rinse off and chamois)
• Apply Rainx
• Dress tires

• Wipe and vacuum seats


Gold Detail

Price: $179.95 +HST (car)
$189.95 +HST (truck/SUV)

♦♦♦ Includes everything in our Silver Detail, plus:

• Power wash / degrease door jams & gas filler door
• Spray on Graphene ceramic wax
• Clean engine compartment, plastics, hoses, etc. (by hand, no chemicals)

• Clean car mats in the Rhino machine


Platinum Detail

Price: $349.95 +HST (car)
$399.95 +HST (truck/SUV)

♦♦♦ Includes everything in our Gold Detail, plus: 

• Dress tires, wheel wells, vinyl dressings, and moldings
• Touch up paint chips
• Clean bumpers and moldings with acid wash and steel wool
• Remove excess wax from molding, door handles, etc. (if required)
• Remove rail dust / fallout (acid wash if necessary)

• Remove mats, shampoo, and run through Rhino Machine
• Air blow interior (vents, console, cup holders, etc.)
• Clean vinyl, center console, shifter boot, all compartments, headliner
• Recline seats, vacuum all grooves and pockets, shampoo seats, prep and scrub / shampoo carpets
• Vacuum and shampoo carpets of trunk
• Clean spare tire (if applicable)
• Clean and condition leather (if applicable)
• Dress rubber gaskets / interior vinyl / hard plastics (interior) / door rubbers
• Clean interior and exterior windows (include all edges)


Extra Services

• Hand Wash - Price: $20.00 +HST

• Underbody Wash - Price: $29.95 +HST

• Spot Shampoo - Price: $45.00 +HST

• Spot Compound (Done by quote. Range between 1/2 hour to 3 hours) - Price: $70.00 / hour +HST

• Full Compound (up to 3 hours) Quote recommended - Price: $199.95 +HST

• AutoShock Smell Removal - Price: $49.95 +HST

• Darken Chassis, Paint Hooks & Trailer Hitches (3/4 hour) - Price: $40.00 +HST

• Remove All Tar and Road Residue - Price: $70.00 / hour +HST

• Surcharge for Extra Care - Price: $70.00 +HST (including touch-up stick)

What to do before arriving for your detailing appointment:


• Please remove all loose objects from seats, floors, and trunk/cargo space prior to your appointment

• Please remove all objects of value from compartments including cash and/or change

• Please remove child/infant car seats

• Please notify our staff of any special instructions pertaining to the operation or care of your vehicle

• If requesting specific spot buffing and/or paint touch ups, please indicate to our staff the areas requiring attention

Auto Detailing